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About the fan fiction:

I used to write fanfiction a lot (for the Starman TV series starring Robert Hays), over  20 years ago, but have been busy doing other creative endeavors since then including writing newspaper and magazine articles and a non-fiction book, all published.

Then Harry Potter caught me in his snare and I just had to write a sixth year fic, which I THOUGHT would be my one HP story - unfortunately for the rest of my life (writing fanfic takes a great deal of time away from other things!), "The Refiner's Fire" led to a sequel, "The Time of Destiny." Both these and subsequent stories are available on this site as well as others.   I also have  a Yahoo group,  HPRefinersFire, where we have a lot of fun and I have a couple of stories unique to that site.

"The Refiner's Fire" is a  sixth-year fic, with  "The Time of Destiny" being a true sequel to it.   "Destiny" is a seventh year fic (not HBP compliant) which  fairly well ties up all the loose ends in both my fics and JKR's.    I"ve also written several ficlets that fit into the gap between the end of Destiny and the beginning of the epilogue.   "Beginnings," "A Fox's Tale," "Hedwig's Tale,"  "On Second Thoughts" and  "A Very Harry Christmas" will soon be joined by "Now and Forever," a novel that tells how Harry deals with the aftermath of war and his first year in Auror School and on the Lions Quidditch team.   All of these stories  were  great fun for me to write.      
Since publishing "Destiny," I've written  two original novels aimed at real-life publication, the first of which, Star Sons: Dawn of the Two, will be published soon.    Star Sons is  a hero-quest  fantasy novel that's the first of at least a trilogy, possibly a series.     The second novel in the series is  untitled so far, but finished in first-draft form.   When I finish "Now and Forever" and after Star Sons is published, I'll get back to work on that second novel.    I can't wait!!  
 I hope you enjoy my fics!

About the update schedule:

I normally post new items (chapters or ficlets) mid- to late week (Tuesday for the Yahoo! Group and Wednesday every other site).   If I'm late, it's because I'm on a business trip (I travel a lot with my business) and can't get online.   And for the shippers who worry about such things, Refiner's starts out as H/OC, then becomes H/G and R/H, with Destiny continuing those ships.

About myself:

Some readers asked me to put some "personal" stuff on here.   Okay.   My husband and I raised Quarter Horses for many years, and in 2000, I started showing horses myself after a long period as a "horse show mom."   My lovely horse, Jack, has taught me a lot about riding, forcing me to improve my skills greatly, resulting in the two of us being CHAMPIONS in two of the three events in which we show on our local open show circuit in 2004.   In 2005, I  had three months of professional training put on Jack to improve his movement and train me to better face tougher competition, but I had bronchitis for five weeks during the summer, which killed our horse show season fairly well.   I'd hoped for better results in 2006, but I pulled a hamstring in May and that slowed down our training schedule considerably, and I refuse to show unless we're both ready to show.   I lost the 2007 show season due to working on "Elegance" ( which was about six months of work that I had to complete in two months' time to meet a deadline.   Sculpting for so many hours a day was actually injuring my hands and arms, so I couldn't groom my horse without significant pain, nor could I lift a saddle to his back, so I gave up riding until the sculpture was complete.   By that time, the show season was nearly over, so I just rode Jack for fun, which is fine with both of us.   :)  

I'm a professional sculptor by trade, creating fine art bronzes, wall art, trophies, and jewelry, mostly of horses but with some wildlife and fantasy stuff thrown in.   I have done one Harry Potter inspired piece, a small bronze of a snowy owl.   You can see it here.   I also have a dragon sculpture here. I wouldn't mind selling you one of those at all!   I take credit cards as well as monthly payments with zero interest! I'm currently working on improving my painting skills, so you may see paintings on my site at some point in the future (she said hopefully!)   (This ends the commercial break. And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. . .)

I'm originally from the South, have lived in the Midwest for many years, have been married well over 30 years and have two grown and married children, two horses, one dog, three cats, two goats, am old enough to be a grandparent to the Trio, and am a huge fan of Dan Radcliffe, who embodies the Harry of the books perfectly. I hope you enjoy my stories.